A Terrorcon Up close

Terrorcons are a common threat to both Autobots and Decepticons . They can be defeated for Experience points which can be used to level up the players Transformers. They are seen in the concept art and screenshots of the game
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Bottom left corner there is a Terrorcon


Terrorcons in Transformers Prime

In the series Transformers Prime Terrorcons are referred to the zombie army that were raised from the dead by Megatron who used Dark Energon to do this. Terrorcons are nightmarsh creatures which look similiar to a transformer except they have deformed arms and limbs (because they have been raised from the dead) which makes them look more like a 'zombie'. They are made from the dead remains of both Autobot and Decepticon corpses. Furthermore in the series Megatron revives all of Cybertron's undead which he planned to 

use to invade earth but the space bridge in which the undead were travelling through was destroyed by the Autobots.

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