When his mentor left him, Swagger had to fend for himself and learn how to fight the hard way.

Swagger is a hit-and-run warrior whose systems are completely geared towards offense and speed. His ninja arsenal extends to both weapons and equipment, and he specializes in lingering damage and multiple-target strikes.

Vehicle FormEdit

Entering the battle via the Land of the Rising Sun, Swagger found he had a lot in common with both Japan's fedual history and its modern technology. With a ninja vehicle mode banked, all that remained was the addition of dumbfire rockets.


This led to an unorthodox style, combining dazzling swordsmanship with high-tech gadgetry. Over-confidence is now this Autobot's weakness, and his biggest challenge is keeping his mouthplate shut. Only under the right command can he stealth like a shinobi, and strike like a samurai.

Quote from other botsEdit

"When the Bravado's blown over, He's got it where it counts" - Arcee



A long-range charge-up weapon which deals plasma damage to shield. The higher the charge the larger the output. The Subversion Strike S-tech ignites the target's Energon circulation, damaging them over time and consuming the fuel of their S-tech gauge. The burning also fuels Swagger's S-tech gauge, if his Emission Shroud equipment is active.


A medium-range sustained weapon which deals plasma damage to shield. It overheats after continuous activation. The Shuriken Bomb S-tech launches an explosive shuriken, which periodically detonates on the target, before exploding in a powerful plasma blast.


Melee weapons which deal electrical damage to the sparks and shields of all targets hit by the swings. They exhaust their power in a single activation, then require a short cooldown. The Shinobi Spiral S-tech sees Swagger spin his katanas and launch an array of shuriken, damaging all nearby enemies. He can generate more power and damage if his Emission Shroud equipment is also active.


Shield SurgeEdit

Overloads Swagger's shield, consuming some of its power to charge up an electrical strike, which damages the sparks and shields of nearby enemies. The activation won't end the Emission Shroud equipment, but the explosion will.

Virus MaximizerEdit

Converts the systems of Swagger and his nearby allies so they deal increased damage. The upgrade is designed to increase damage against targets suffering from a virus.

Emission ShroudEdit

Cloaks Swagger and reroutes heat emissions into his articulation and shield systems. This powers them up, increasing his movement speed and regenerating his shield. It also boosts the S-techs of the pulse blaster and katanas.


Cold Reboot The excess heat generated when Swagger destroys a target must be vented immediately, a process which also brings the Emission Shroud equipment instantly back online.

Vehicle formEdit

Swagger (1)


Autobot Swagger - Transformers Universe00:51

Autobot Swagger - Transformers Universe


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