Description Edit

Retirement was never one of Shellshock's plans: he's been holed up in his armory feverishly waiting for the call.

Shellshock is an all-round Soldier effective in any combat situations. Whether the order is to deliver massive damage, shore up his defenses, or control enemy movement - he's got the tools to do the job.

Vehicle formEdit

Shellshock's vehicle mode embodies everything that makes his bot mode so formidable: it's heavily armored, and with an onboard Gattling gun, it's heavily armed as well.


Faceplate-deep in munitions and customizing his beloved miniguns, he ensured burst rates, muzzle velocities, calibers and cartridges all got a little love. A career killer, you won't have to ask him twice to rejoin the fight. Put this slayer in mid-range with a directive for destruction and Shellshock will have a blast every time.

Quote from other botsEdit

"They say he collects the sparks of slayed autobots. Dont you love him?" - Flamewar



A medium-range sustained weapon which deals plasma damage to shield. It overheats after continuous activation. The Bullet Burn S-tech locks Shellshock in place, allowing him to secure his minigun and deliver successive volleys of plasma.


A medium-range sustained weapon which deals physical damage to spark. It overheats after continuous activation. The Sync Shield S-tech diverts power from the minigun into a backup shield generator, which reduces incoming damage for a short time.


A charge-up melee weapon which deals physical damage to the sparks of all targets hit by the swing. The higher the charge the larger the output. The Blade Fall S-tech alters the aerodynamics of the axe head, allowing Shellshock to deliver a faster, more powerful swing, which knocks enemies down.


Impediment shellsEdit

Augments the next discharge of minigun bullets with servo-impeding gel, which is released on impact, slowing the targets' movement.

Kinetic ExtensionEdit

Rockets convert from Shellshock's axe head, blasting it into his enemies and dealing greater damage. Movement-impaired targets suffer severe damage.

Perception matrixEdit

Grants Shellshock a period of clarity so he can reduce the cooldowns of his overheat weapons. He also reroutes the energy released from firing those weapons to boost his and his nearby allies' energy shields.


Minigun momentum Shellshock's miniguns are connected to his articulation system, meaning the torque generated from firing them lessens the usual movement speed reduction.

Base Statistics Edit

14.0 Spark Damage

00.0 Omni Damage

14.0 Shield Damage

13.0 Repairing

19.0 Spark Strength

24.0 Shield Strength

16.0 Resistance

10.0 Regeneration

20.0 Bot Speed

01.0 Focus

Vehicle formEdit

Shellshock (1)


Decepticon Shellshock - Transformers Universe Game00:51

Decepticon Shellshock - Transformers Universe Game

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