The Oppressor is a Decepticon that can be customized with plasma laser like guns, or a chainsaw melee weapon (similiar to Knockout's chainsaw). He is a light class Decepticon and a playable character in the game. He can transform into a car.

Oppressor with Chainsaw

First seenEdit


Oppressor with plasma guns

The Oppressor was first seen on the front cover in the issue 248 of the Magazine called Edge. The issue was first printed on November 22nd 2012. Then on the Official website a week after, he was shown yet again when signing up for the Beta if you choose the Decepticon side then you will see him next to the description of the Decepticons. Furthermore he is seen in the Choose Your Allegiance Trailer.

Oppressor 2

Oppressor on the front cover of Edge Magazine

Oppressor 3

Oppressor on the website