Dispatch (PVE)

Each faction has a base of operations which is surrounded by hostile terrain. These locations are rich in Energon deposits, but they are also prone to incursions by enemy troopers, and Terrorcons. The terrain must be patrolled to recover resources and ensure continued security.

  • Dispatch is a PvE open world mode for up to 10 players.
  • Access Dispatch mode by heading into the outer base area from the exit in the inner base.
  • There are a wide selection of rotating missions which vary in size and scope, involving item collection, killing and repairing NPCs, and fighting bosses.
  • Dispatch missions award players independently, introducing a competitive element, though some missions also require teamwork.
  • Locate Energon deposits and mine them to accrue more Energon.

Crisis (PVE)

Both factions were forced to surrender forward positions due to virulent Terrorcon outbreaks. Now the vast Energon deposits left behind are sought after by both sides to help fuel their war efforts. But securing them means braving hordes of Terrorcons.

  • Crisis is a PvE cooperative mode for 4 players.
  • Access Crisis mode from the portals in the outer base areas.
  • Fulfill various objectives to remove the shield barriers that obstruct progress through the map.
  • Survive against hordes of Terrorcons.
  • Travel through the map to confront the final boss, which must be defeated to complete the mode.

Elimination (PVP)

The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons has reached Earth's surface, with both factions attempting to seize the initiative. Key locations have been identified, which will provide a strategic advantage to the faction that can eliminate their rival's troops and secure the battlefronts.

  • Elimination is a PvP team deathmatch mode (4v4).
  • The first team to score 20 enemy kills, or the team that has the most kills when the timer expires, wins.
  • You can choose to Surrender from the Options menu to initiate a surrender vote for your team, after eight minutes of the match have elapsed.

Meteor Storm (PVP)

When the Decepticons destroyed the Autobot starship, Arclight, nearby meteoroids became infused with Energon from the vessel's exploding fuel cells. Now Energon meteors are falling to Earth, providing a vital source of fuel for the faction that can secure them first.

  • Meteor Storm is a PvP king-of-the-hill mode (4v4).
  • Each team must capture meteor crash sites to accrue points.
  • Capture a neutral site by standing within its perimeter when there are no enemy players nearby.
  • Capture back an enemy-controlled site in the same way - this will return it to a neutral state, allowing your team to then capture it.
  • A site can be captured faster when more allies stand within its perimeter.
  • Sites are captured more slowly during combat.
  • Sites change location approximately every five minutes.
  • The first team to score 1000 points, or the team that has the highest score when the timer expires, wins.
  • You can choose to Surrender from the Options menu to initiate a surrender vote for your team, after eight minutes of the match have elapsed.

Challenge (PVP)

Challenge mode allows a group of Autobot players to battle a group of Decepticon players in a prearranged PvP match. The initiator of the Challenge can select the PvP mode and map to be used for the battle.

  1. As a group leader, open your Friends List and select another player who is also currently a group leader. From the drop down list to the right of their name, select to send them a Challenge invite.
  2. Once they've accepted the invitation you can select a PvP game mode and map, or the first available combination, if you have no preference.
  3. When you are happy with the mode and map selection, press the Start button to begin the Challenge.


  • Challenge invites can't be sent or received if the group leaders are actively matchmaking, or are already taking part in PvP.
  • Challenge matches can be started with uneven group numbers - each group only requires a minimum of 2 players to issue or accept a Challenge. As a result, the Parity Assist buff, which helps balance matches between unevenly-numbered teams, is disabled in Challenge mode.
  • Backfilling (where the matchmaking system automatically adds players into an existing match to fill empty player slots) is disabled in Challenge mode.
  • Skill score is unaffected by taking part in Challenge mode.
  • No rewards are given out at the end of a Challenge match.
  • Player statistics (such as kills/deaths/assists, and wins/loses) aren't recorded during Challenge mode.
  • You can choose to Surrender from the Options menu to initiate a surrender vote for your team, after eight minutes of the match have elapsed.