Despite a level of skill to match any Decepticon warrior's, Breakdown is almost crippled by a persistent paranoia, especially when he is in crowds. He is much happier working alone, away from the eyes he is sure are watching him at every moment. That said, he is quick to come at Megatron's call, as his fear of his powerful leader may be the only thing outreaching his agoraphobic tendencies.

After spending most of his time on Cybertron in a smaller form, the scout later upgraded to a bulkier, more threatening body following a clash with Bulkhead, a clash which initiated a heated rivalry between the two. Breakdown has brought that rivalry to present-day Earth, where he assists Knock Out in his various misdeeds. The two have become good friends in their long partnership, and seem to value each other as much as any pair of friends could.

Since joining the war on Earth, Breakdown has proven to have some quite intriguing depths to his character, besides his deep friendship with Knock Out. He doesn't treat the cannon fodder Vehicons as such, and even chats to them about romance and is sure to thank them for their hard work. He also has a healthy dose of respect for his foes, as well as gratitude. However, these noble traits are tempered by his boisterous temper; always eager to join a fight or pound some dents into someone. That temper of his could get him killed one day...

Vehicle Form Edit

Mobile artillery - doble missile launch truck.

Weapons Edit

Missile ponds.